Mylissa Artreche: Duet Musical


Jason Bailey: Small/Large Group Musical


Maggie Baker: Makeup/Scene/Costume Design A


Paul Bedford: One-Acts (booth judge)


Billy Bowser: Small/Large Group Musical


Julie Brown: Improvisation/Pantomime B


Bee Jay Clinton: Monologue A


Rachel Comeau: Duet Acting B


Jonathan Corzo: Monologue B


Heather Cribbs: Duet Acting B


Jarman Day: Ensemble Acting


Jaimz Dillman: Improvisation/Pantomime A


Michael Edwards: Monologue B


Gabriel Garcia: Ensemble Acting


Coletyn Hentz: One-Acts


Kat Henwood: Makeup/Scene/Costume Design B


Candace Hicks: Solo Musical A


Gabrielle Hockensmith: One Acts


Jessica Hoehn: Solo Musical B


Jon Jimenez: Improv/Pantomime A


Jerry Jobe: Duet Acting


Jessica Kaschube: One Acts


Kacey Koploff: Makeup/Scene/Costume Design A


Jac LeDoux: Monologue A


Mickey Lewis: Makeup/Scene/Costume Design B


Megan Markham: Marketing/Scene Writing


Dorothy Massey: Makeup/Scene/Costume Design A


Patrick Murphy: Duet Musical 


Diana Negron: Monologue B


Lona Nguyen: Duet Acting A


Mallory Paul: Duet Acting B


Ken Preuss: Marketing/Scene Writing


Chloe Rhoades: Monologue A


Danny Sanchez: Solo Musical


Brooke Schellpfeffer:  Solo Musical A


Lyndsey Short: Ensemble Acting


Gloria Sicoli: One-Acts


Brian Sikorski: Marketing/Scene Writing


Jamaal Solomon: Small/Large Group Musical


Pam Stone: Duet Acting A


Gretchen Suarez-Pena: Improvisation/Pantomime B


Katie Thayer: Improvisation/Pantomime A


Megan Valle: Solo Musical B


Joanne Vanzyl: Duet Musical


Sierra Vennes: Duet Musical


Marissa Volpe: Solo Musical A


Samantha Wolf: Makeup/Scene/Costume Design B

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